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Glamour and maternity sessions 

Let's celebrate Women, let's celebrate You! 

Experience of a Day, Memory of a Lifetime! Portrait photography session that puts You in the middle! It all starts with a pampering session by our talented makeup artist, then we play dress-up and then I guide you through posing to make sure you look gorgeous in your photos!

 - wardrobe consultation where we discuss how you would like to be photographed

 - professional hair and make-up 

 - fully guided photo session 

 - wide selection of professionally retouched images

 - reveal and ordering session here in the studio around 2 weeks after your session

 - password protected online gallery with slideshow and music to showcase and             download your purchased images 

 - your Mum, Sister, Daughter, or Partner are welcome to take part in the session



1, See yourself  in a different light

2, Celebrate your 20s... or 30s... or a milestone of your life

3, Great opportunity to boost your confidence

4, because simply.. You are enough and perfect the way You are!



self portrait
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