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Vintage fun in the field!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I truly believe that the image has to be right in camera and then with post processing all the little details can be improved and lifted, unless your aim is to create something different, something special.

I quite like to challenge myself, so I create my galleries with a theme around it, my last session was vintage, old style theme.

In order to achieve this 1960's vibes we chose vintage wardrobe, we chose a field setting with minimum distraction and we tried to create a story using what we had available out there.

We also took some props, old suitcase, harp to complement that era even more.

My models were my daughter and her friend, they both really enjoyed the session regardless the weather, as it was raining during the shoot.

About the gear I used my canon 6d mark ii and a sigma art 85mm lens which proves to be wonderful, no matter what, it creates beautiful images.

Please find before and after mages below, this is how they came out from camera and the final results after post-processing.

After uploading the images on Lightroom which I use for sorting and rating I look for the following things:

1 sharpness

2 composition

3 facial expressions (I prefer smiles and relaxed natural poses)

4 story

These are my key points so keeping these in mind I choose my selection, depending on the product I choose between 20-50 images. My packages are between 15-25 photos but once I have a viewing appointment I like to showcase more images so customers can pick their finals for their gallery.

So back to this shoot... I chose around 20 images and then the magic starts in photoshop...

I went with warm yellow tones, like a good weathered photograph, and of course with the wheat field this colour scheme was really good as the crop was just about to turn to golden yellow. I used selective colour to try different options, for me so far this is the most efficient way to change/alter colours in a subtle or in a drastic way. Sometimes I open different layers for different colours of the image and once I am happy with the colour scheme on the affected area I just invert and mask back the area which I wish to change.

I played a lot with curves as you can draw attention to different parts of the image, your eyes will be drawn to highlighted areas as a general rule, I tend to use it on the skin as well, I highlight and darken different areas. I created my own action for that, so it's very simple I just open and start using my brushes. The beauty of the curve is that you can use different channels, a very fine way of changing a colour scheme as you can control the colours within shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

Another beautiful vintage feature is vignetting (however I like to use that a lot no matter what the theme is) so with these set of images I created a slight vignetting effect (either using curves or brush), again just to draw the eye to the main focus.

Hope you like the images which I produced, these book cover, postcard type images are my absolute favourites.

If you are interested to see the full gallery, please click on this link below, this is a public gallery with no password protection:

If you have anything similar to share, any comments, tips and tricks, I'd love to hear about you, I truly believe we can learn a lot from each other.

For my past and future customers this gives you an insight of how I work, what are my key points when it comes to produce a gallery for you to treasure, all I can say my images are made with LOVE, if you have any questions, thoughts I am here and available to help!

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