Vintage fun in the field!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I truly believe that the image has to be right in camera and then with post processing all the little details can be improved and lifted, unless your aim is to create something different, something special.

I quite like to challenge myself, so I create my galleries with a theme around it, my last session was vintage, old style theme.

In order to achieve this 1960's vibes we chose vintage wardrobe, we chose a field setting with minimum distraction and we tried to create a story using what we had available out there.

We also took some props, old suitcase, harp to complement that era even more.

My models were my daughter and her friend, they both really enjoyed the session regardless the weather, as it was raining during the shoot.

About the gear I used my canon 6d mark ii and a sigma art 85mm lens which proves to be wonderful, no matter what, it creates beautiful images.

Please find before and after mages below, this is how they came out from camera and the final results after post-processing.

After uploading the images on Lightroom which I use for sorting and rating I look for the following things:

1 sharpness

2 composition

3 facial expressions (I prefer smiles and relaxed natural poses)

4 story