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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hello my Friends, my lovely Customers and Fellow Photographers!

This is just a note to say I'm very happy to have you around me, you inspire me to start this blog as you are interacting and connecting with me and I'd like to show you my appreciation.

On my Facebook page, I have a lovely and steadily growing community and lots of you are photographers from all over the world and I truly believe we can learn a lot from each other so I have decided to share all my useful tips and tricks, behind the scenes images, settings and gear... as a thank you for supporting and engaging with me.

Besides I need to say a huge thank you for my Family and Friends as I keep talking a lot about technical staff and ideas... and you are always listening with so much patience!

So the two things combined above made me realise that the best way is to document and write all the things which are important to me here on this blog and if you find anything useful which you can implement in your business or in your everyday life, please do so, that makes me feel happy!

So as a start there is a brief intro about me:

I am a photographer, I run my own business just over two years ago in Cambridge (Uk), I have two beautiful daughters and a husband, who gives me so much support which is truly appreciated!

I graduated as a lawyer but soon I realised I am more interested in arts than anything...

I gradually invested into professional equipment, now I use a canon 6d mark ii camera and a couple of zoom and prime lenses, my ultra favourite is my sigma art 85mm 1.4 #sigmaart which is just amazing, creates beautiful blurry background and bokeh effect. This is part of my style, lots of images I create with that scenario in my mind!

My camera has so many features which enable me to take beautiful images with lots of focus options, my favourite is Spot AF which is even more controlled than single-point autofocus, having said that that's not suitable for fast-moving subjects!

For editing I use Lightroom and Photoshop, I don't have presets or actions purchased from someone else, I am very proud that I create my own actions and use only those for my images.

For printing, I have an account with one of the top UK business #C41s who produces absolutely stunning quality prints and wall arts.

I am one of those photographers who only and solely use their own work, I never buy stock images, I never use or advertise with other photographers work, so whatever you see on my social media platforms, website those are solely made by me!

I do studio and outdoor sessions as well, I am specialising in children and family photography.

I like book cover type, vintage images, fine art portraits are so close to my heart. I aim to work around these themes when I create memories for my clients.

And as a final note, I need to mention that everything I create is made with love! Please feel free to contact me if you wish to book a session, if you have anything to share with me (photography or business-related) or if you just want to say hi, I am always here to answer and connect!

You also can find me on IG/FB #shootingstarcambridge

Lots of love,


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