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This is just a note to say thank you that you visited my site, I'm a photographer based in Cambridge, specializing in glamour, and children's portraits.

I finished my studies as a lawyer but I chose a much more creative path as I soon realized I am interested in arts more than anything.

My aim is to show you beauty through my eyes.

A few facts about me:

- I use a Canon 6d mark ii for shooting

- My favorite lens is my sigma art 85mm 1.4 (this helps me to create beautiful bokeh and blur in the background)

- I am a proud Mum of two beautiful Girls who love modeling for me

- I solely use my own work, any images with relation to my business is produced by me

- I use my own actions and presets

- I love vintage and whimsical themes, I have lots and lots of retro props

- Most importantly EVERYTHING I create is made with love!

Throughout the years I did quite a few photo courses in the Cambridge area, and I constantly learn as, in my opinion, this is a profession where you can always improve yourself. Being innovative is key so I improve and challenge myself all the time.

Hope to welcome you in my studio soon,


self portrait with the reveal wall
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