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What to wear on my photo session..?

When I have a session booked in with a client I always have a pre-consultation where we establish what style we are shooting and based on that I always suggest what clothing would suit the best to the session.

Most of the times we plan the session around a theme which determines the style of clothing, hair and accessories.

Having said that there are major rules which are good to keep in my mind when it comes to the session day:

It's all about colours

I suggest to avoid very bright colours as they can attract attention away from the person's face, it also could be reflective especially if we do studio work and we use flashes. It usually results in a tint on the skin which is not appealing.

Great colour choice is white for example as it always creates clean and fresh look, but black is also a good choice, it's contemporary and it gives a more formal look. Definitely both colours are timeless options.

Another suggestion when it comes to picking the right colours for your outfits, pick hues that are usually associated with your theme. For example, if it's a Christmas photoshoot, you could pick red and green. For a summer photoshoot, you could go with bold tones like yellow and coral.... for sessions autumn time I do recommend warm tones (brown, yellow) and in a winter scene cold colours such as blue and purple will look fantastic.

Family sessions

We like colour coordination so I always suggest to have a matching colour on everybody's outfit. The harmony and connection is even more visible on the end result and of course there is no distraction as there is a colour scheme going on, viewer can focus on the faces and expressions.

Just as an example I always recommend jeans as one option, that is really nice for contemporary, casual portraits plus they are flattering which is a bonus. Pastell colours are also great as they maintain natural skin tone.

Patterns and prints are not recommended, regardless how small they are, they will distract.

Size: clothing shouldn't be too tight or too loose, people will feel uncomfortable and posing will be more difficult.

I encourage clients to bring more outfits, and of course if there is a favourite or a sentimental piece of cloth I always ask to bring that in (regardless the rules) so we can create memories!

In term of accessories watches, big visible jewelry (necklaces, headbands) are not recommended, again they will distract, and besides those accessories may become out of fashion after a time so it's best to avoid them.

Maternity sessions

This is about the bump, it is the greatest ways to preserve your baby’s moments even before birth.

It is recommended between the 7th and 8th months of your pregnancy, your bump by this time is beautifully shown and you are probably in your most energetic period!

Please don’t be shy about your growing body. Remember that you are growing a little human inside you which is a miracle and you look beautiful.

Your outfits will play a key role in the final look of your photographs, it's best to wear simple, solid colours that will create timeless look.

It is really nice to show your bump so open fronted, or semi transparent lace dresses are great options.

Maxi dresses will create artistic look, the more fabric you have around you the better results you will get. No shoes is necessary in studio, bare foot is more natural.

It is also nice to use scarves, drapes... anything which have lots of fabric in it.

I always recommend to bring your own props, ultrasound scan images, baby shoes, anything personal will give that extra touch to your images. Try to keep the outfit simple so the focus remains on you and your baby and most importantly have fun, involve family members so all of you will have the experience!

Children portraits

First things first, you need to remember bring something comfortable for your little ones so you will see happy faces during the shoot. In terms of colours we like happy and bold colours as they will capture the energy and youth! Accessories are very appropriate for children, bags, hats, toys... props to match a theme.... pretty much we can't go wrong, it is just double cuteness if we have a well planned scene with matching props.

I am personally a big fan of vintage style images, quite often I specifically recommend plain, vintage outfit, good example knee height plain trousers and white tops for boys, long loose cream, pastell dresses for girls. You can build anything around this, depending on what accessories you use you can create different atmospheres, you can achieve formal, vintage, fairy look.... there are no limitations.

Same as with maternity sessions if there is any particular item, a toy a dress which has a special meaning, a story behind I recommend to bring that to the session.

I do trust you find all the information useful when it comes to prepare for your session, if you have any further questions please do feel free to contact me, if you booked a session with me you can send images of your chosen outfits so we can discuss them together!

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